Saturday, 27 February 2016

La Te Science Festival at Ulster Museum, Belfast

Night at the Museum
Tonight, it is an unusual routine at Ulster museum, Belfast and was filled with public and school students. The event namely LaTe was conducted at Ulster museum. It is one of the public events in the NI Science Festival.
In real time, plenty of chemical elements were surrounding with us. But understanding the chemistry of elements through theory is really difficult. So the researchers from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Queens University Belfast educating the public through simple and fun full experiments.

The high school students and elders were enjoyed the live experiments. For instance, how the hydrogen powered car working, impact of laser beam on baloon, hybrid battery solar fuel cell etc.
As part of this event, photocatalyst smart inks were demonstrated by our colleagues Luke Burns, and Josh Wells. They used only simple UV light , dye coated TiO2 powder and ink coated papers. In real time, these photocatalyst ink has been greatly applied in purification of water at low cost compare to the conventional membrane technology. Like Africa undeveloped countries, a millions of people suffering without fresh and hygienic water. It is anticipated that this photocatalyst technology which combine with nature sun light and earth abundant semiconductor materials could be a remedy to afford purified water.
Hatts off to Luke and Nathan for your effective demonstration.
Luke demonstrated the photocatalytic experiments

Luke demonstrated the photocatalytic experiments

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