Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Our recent research has been accepted in JMC B journal

Glad to share that our recent work entitled "Single-step electrospun TiO2–Au hybrid electrodes for high selectivity photoelectrocatalytic glutathione bioanalysis: has been published as Cover article in Journal of Materials Chemistry B.
We thank the Editors, JMC B for selecting our work as Front cover article.
Congrats to our biosensors team, Photocatalysis International Research Center (PIRC), Japan.

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We report synthetic protocol of metal nanoparticle embedded metal oxide fibrous membrane by one step electrospining process. In particular, we achieved TiO2/Au nanocomposite membrane directly onto conducting substrate without any binders. This is quite challenging task compare to conventional electrospining process derived two-step electrode fabrication.

We demonstrate Au/TiO2 composite fibrous membranes as photoelectrocatalyst candidate in glutathione biomolecule sensing and realized as high selectivity in the presence of other biomolecules (glucose, cysteine). Furthermore we explore the possibility of "Photoelectrocatalysis" technology in biosensing, which is one of the upcoming tools in bio-nano health area.

The main advantage of this nanocomposite photoelectrode is it can function by accessing nature solar light irradiation as key driving force. The current experimental results suggested that the single-step TiO2-Au HNF fabrication technique reduces the material consumption than multi-step metal-metal oxide composite preparation techniques and thus, anticipated to be attractive in wide range of electrochemical and photoelectrochemical devices. We strongly believe that low cost, ready-to-use, shape controlled TiO2-Au HNF without fiber aggregation could be futuristic in biosensing application with wide range of molecule detection.


Our work has been published as cover article

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